The AIHE Student-Staff Consultative Committee is established to action the intention to “Treat our students as learning partners” as outlined in the AIHE Strategic Plan. The Student-Staff Consultative Committee is an informal forum to facilitate regular communication and consultation between the staff and student representatives on student-related matters.

The purpose of the Committee is to exchange information about the courses and for staff and students to discuss any issues that they wish to share. It is also an opportunity for students to have input into any changes that AIHE might be considering and for students to interact with other students.


Membership of the Student-Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) comprises:


  • Head of School (or nominee);
  • Academic Staff Members as nominated by the Head of School; and
  • a minimum of four student representatives, selected by a method approved by the Head of School.

The Head of School will call for nominations for student representatives at the beginning of each semester. Call for nominations for student representatives will be made under Notices to Students in News and Events.

Nominated members will serve for a term of one (1) year, renewable at the discretion of the Chair. The intention is that there will be more student representatives than staff representatives to give students an opportunity to have a strong voice in the meetings.

For further details about the Terms of Reference of SSCC, click HERE.