Academic Progress

Academic progress is the process by which a student advances in their program of study by incrementally meeting the academic and administrative requirements for the program. Maintaining satisfactory academic progress is essential as it signifies that a student is achieving the learning outcomes for each stage of their course and is on track to complete the course.

The AIHE  Academic Progress, Enrolment and Graduation Policy accessible under AIHE Academic Policies and Procedure section sets out AIHE’s obligations and expectations for the management and review of academic progress. In the interests of students, to maintain a high standard of learning and teaching in courses, and to meet external regulatory requirements, the AIHE Academic Progress, Enrolment and Graduation Procedure requires AIHE to:

  • monitor the academic performance and academic progress of all students throughout their course;
  • identify students whose academic performance and academic progress are less than satisfactory so that they may be offered appropriate learning support, resources and assistance; and
  • potentially exclude a student from their course where a student continues to make unsatisfactory academic progress despite being offered learning support.