Assessment plays a key role in:

  • fostering learning (assessment for learning);
  • certification of student learning (assessment of learning); and
  • developing students’ abilities to evaluate their work and monitor their progress to inform their future learning goals (assessment as learning).

The approach to assessment at AIHE is underpinned by the following eight fundamental principles for assessment which establish the basis for a deliberate process of assessment design, implementation, evaluation and improvement.

  1. Assessment will guide and encourage effective approaches to learning.
  2. Assessment will provide quality and timely feedback to enhance learning.
  3. Assessment practices will be valid, reliable and consistent.
  4. Assessment is integral to course and subject design.
  1. Information about assessment is easily accessible.
  2. Assessment is fair, equitable and inclusive.
  3. The amount of assessment is manageable for students and staff.
  4. Assessment practices are monitored for quality assurance and improvement.

Each subject offered as part of the Bachelor of Business has its own, specially designed assessment configuration. A Subject Outline, which contains assessment details and other subject information, is made available to students at the beginning of each semester. The subject coordinator will discuss the content of the Subject Outline in the first class of the semester and explain the submission details of each assessment task.

Late submissions of any student work will attract penalties unless an extension has been agreed to by the subject coordinator. For details, please see the AIHE Assessment Procedure at AIHE Policy and Procedure Directory under Academic Policies and Procedures section.

The Subject Outline and Assessment Briefs will specify the due date of the assignment and how the assignment is to be submitted. Each assignment must have an Assignment Cover Sheet attached. You can obtain a copy of the Assignment Cover Sheet from the Assessment page of your subject in AIHE Learning Management System.

If there are medical circumstances or compassionate circumstances affecting attendance or ability to complete work, a form for Application to Vary Assessment Form should be submitted prior to the Assessment Due Date. The Application to Vary Assessment Form can be obtained from the AIHE Policy and Procedure Directory under Student Forms section.

Students encountering continuing medical issues should also consult the Head of School so that the School can help maintain academic progress where possible.