Student – Staff Consultative Committee

AIHE have a Staff – Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) that discusses course-related issues, such as:

  • timetabling
  • workload
  • the application of student-related policy and procedure; and
  • access to student services, facilities and resources, including ICT support.

The SSCC does not deal with complaints or grievances about staff or students, or student rights issues (such as appeals) which have separate processes.

The Head of School will call for nominations for student representatives at the beginning of each semester. The SSCC normally meet once a semester but additional meetings can be called by students under specific circumstances or by the Head of School.

Student representatives are the voice of the student body in their study program. They consult with their peers to find out what course-related issues are of concern to them and present those issues for discussion at SSCC meetings, then provide feedback to the other students on the results of the consultations.