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Accessibility services

AIHE recognises, values and promotes the diversity of its student community as a positive feature of our teaching and learning environment. AIHE is committed to meeting the learning and support needs of all our students, so that as far as possible all students have equal opportunities for academic success. AIHE policies, practices and approaches to teaching and learning are designed to accommodate student diversity, including the under-representation and disadvantage experienced by identified groups.

The AIHE Equity and Diversity Procedure gives effect to the AIHE Equity and Diversity Policy and sets out the procedures AIHE will use to provide equivalent opportunities for student academic success regardless of students’ backgrounds. The processes and actions are designed to guide AIHE staff and affiliates in sustaining a culture that embraces equity and diversity in education and supporting the special needs of students based on equity grounds.

Students who have a disability that may affect their learning outcomes (e.g. mobility impairment, visual impairment, deaf or hearing disability, dyslexia) are encouraged to contact the Student Services Officer to discuss special arrangements which may need to be put in place, and to make arrangements to negotiate a learning plan with the Head of School.
Please refer to AIHE’s Equity and Diversity Policy and related Procedure.