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Access to a computer and the AIHE network

Students and staff will be provided with secure, high speed internet connection at AIHE and access to the learning management system (MyLearning). Students will access their records through the student portal (MyAIHE), and staff though the staff portal.

Training on the use of information and communication technology (ICT) facilities and equipment at AIHE will be provided to all students on Orientation Day. Further assistance can be obtained from the IT Help Desk at ServiceDesk@aihe.sa.edu.au.

AIHE expects students to have their own tablet or laptop computer to support their studies. (Please refer to your Letter of Offer for details). There is also a suite of computers for students to use on Level 5, 127 Rundle Mall.

Rules for the use of AIHE computer hardware and software are provided in the AIHE’s Information Communication and Technology Policy and Procedure and related sections in Student Handbook.

Students and staff are responsible for keeping their login details and passwords safe. Do not let anyone else use any of your accounts or tell anyone your password.

  • You will be held responsible for email from your account.
  • Do not type in your password if someone is standing behind you.
  • If you suspect someone has discovered your password, you should change it at once.

Please be aware that the ICT services are provided for academic purposes to improve communication between staff and students at AIHE. Any user suspected of abusing this privilege will find their email account disabled and the Head of School will be notified.

Please note that you must register your Student ID Card for on campus printing.

Students may contact the IT Service Desk at  ServiceDesk@aihe.sa.edu for assistance with printing.

All students will be given an AIHE email address.

All email correspondence between AIHE staff and students will be directed through the AIHE staff and student email accounts. AIHE staff will not communicate with students over personal email accounts.

It is your responsibility to check your email regularly to receive important notices from the AIHE staff such as changes to teaching arrangements, timetables, student information sessions, availability of computing facilities, enrolment, other events, etc.

The IT services desk at ServiceDesk@aihe.sa.edu.au will assist you to setup your email account and link it to your existing email account if required.

MyAIHE is the name of the web-based on-line service that allows you to access, and in some cases, amend your records. When you log on to MyAIHE you can:

  • search the subject catalogue
  • find out information about specific classes
  • complete or amend your enrolment
  • view your unofficial academic transcript, including your final   assessment results
  • view information about fees and charges on your student account
  • update your address and telephone details
  • apply to graduate
  • change your password

Information relating to student services such as counselling support and other general information including the procedure for grievance, complaints and appeals can be sought from the Student Support Officer who is located at the Student Information Desk on Level 5, 127 Rundle Mall, Adelaide and who can be contacted at student.assist@aihe.sa.edu.au.

MyLearning is the online entry point to learning at AIHE and provides students and staff with access to subject materials, discussion forums, announcements, online assessment and many other features to help manage your study.

Detailed information and documentation about MyLearning is found at: https://mylearning.aihe.sa.edu.au/xxxx/login/ [yet to be finalised]