The Education Agents Policy of Adelaide Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) specifies the principles and framework for AIHE to ensure that relevant stakeholders, including AIHE staff involved in the selection and management of education agents and the education agents themselves, are fully conversant with both legislative requirements and AIHE Policy.

AIHE will sign a written agreement with its agents that outlines:

1)     the responsibilities of AIHE, including that AIHE is responsible at all times for compliance with the ESOS Act and National Code 2018

2)    AIHE’s requirements of the agent in representing the registered provider as outlined in Standard 4.3

3)    AIHE’s processes for monitoring the activities of the education agent in representing AIHE, and ensuring the education agent is giving students accurate and up-to-date information on AIHE’s services

4)    the corrective action that may be taken by AIHE if the education agent does not comply with its obligations under the written agreement including providing for corrective action outlined in Standard 4.4

5)    AIHE’s grounds for termination it’s written agreement with the education agent, including providing for termination in the circumstances outlined in Standard 4.5

6)    the circumstances under which information about the education agent may be disclosed by AIHE and the Commonwealth or state or territory agencies.


For further details, refer to AIHE Education Agent Policy, Education Agent Procedure, and Agent Agreement Template [to be finalised].