At AIHE, policies are high-level documents that set out governing principles to guide practice and decision-making. Policies apply to AIHE as a whole and comply with all relevant legislation.

AIHE policies and procedures cover complaints, conduct, equity, facilities and environment, financial management, governance, health and well-being, information management, intellectual property, learning and teaching, scholarship and research matters, safety, security, staffing and student matters.

AIHE policies and procedures are mandatory for the people and areas they cover.

Policy framework
The Policy Framework establishes the requirements, accountability and responsibility for the development, approval, implementation, enforcement and review of AIHE policies and procedures.

We welcome you to take the time to read the following policies and procedures. They have been designed in the best interests of students and the organisation alike, to ensure the highest standard of service provision and learning outcomes possible.

Our policies and procedures are grouped and related to the following three areas:

  • Academic
  • Governance
  • Operational

Policy Framework

The Policy Framework sets the standards for the development and review of policy and policy related documents at Adelaide Institute of Higher Education (AIHE), and outlines the principles for consistency in the development, review and management of policy and policy related documents. 

Policy Framework

Glossary of Terms

The Glossary of Terms defines key terms and acronyms used in AIHE policies. 

Glossary of Terms

Governance Policies and Procedures

Academic Policies and Procedures

Operational Policies and Procedures

Student Forms

Students may require forms for a number of administrative reasons. Unless otherwise specified, please submit all forms via email to or at the AIHE reception on the fifth floor at 127 Rundle Mall, Adelaide. Please be aware that some forms may require additional documentation. Therefore, it is important to read all forms carefully to ensure that it is complete prior to submission.

Refund Request Form

This form is for any student or applicant wishing to request a refund.

Student Complaint Form

This form is for coursework students wishing to lodge a complaint.

Student Notice of Appeal Form

This form is for coursework students wishing to appeal a decision of AIHE.

Teaching and Subject Evaluation Survey

Survey form to be completed by students after each offering of a subject.

Forms, Templates and Guidelines for Staff

Staff may require forms and templates for a number of administrative reasons. Guidelines have been drafted to assist staff in fulfilling their roles.

Academic Workload Model 2019

Annual Course Review Template

This template is to be used as a framework for making an interim evaluation of an undergraduate course.

Formal Course Review Template

This template is to be used as a framework for evaluating an undergraduate course once every five years

Education Agent Agreement Template 

This template is to be used when AIHE engages and education agent to be its representative to perform services.

Staff Complaint Lodgement Form

Before lodging a formal complaint, staff are requested to read carefully the Staff Grievance Policy and Procedure relating to staff grievances and/or complaints. A grievance/complaint will not be formally investigated until all efforts by the aggrieved staff member to resolve the grievance through informal processes has been exhausted.

Subject Review Form

This form is to be completed by the Subject Coordinator after each offering of the subject.