AIHE students have rights and responsibilities, which they need to be aware of. When enrolled in a course at AIHE, students will be advised of these and provided with a student handbook with further information.
When enrolled at AIHE, students agree to comply with policies and procedures of AIHE and agree to pay all fees, levies and charges directly arising from their enrolment. One key responsibility of an enrolled student is to meet academic progress and overall enrolment requirements for their program of study. This section lists the most important policies and procedures that relate to AIHE students’ key rights and responsibilities.


Fees and Refunds

Enrolled students at AIHE are responsible for paying fees by the due date or to clear any outstanding debts so as to be entitled to services and privileges of AIHE. Please refer to AIHE’s Fees and Refund Policy, Fee and Refund Procedure, and Refund Request Form for further information.
Students are entitled to have fees refunded in certain circumstances. Students at AIHE are also entitled to have their tuition fees and course assured.
Please refer to AIHE Tuition Protection Plan, Course Assurance Policy and Statement of Tuition Assurance for further information.


Academic integrity and personal conduct

The Student Code of Conduct sets out what is expected of students while they are an AIHE student, both in academic work and in students’ behaviours towards staff, other students, and property. It is essential that AIHE students understand the Student Code of Conduct. The outcomes can be extremely serious when students do not meet AIHE’s academic integrity standards or behave inappropriately (for example by abusing another student or staff member). The outcomes include suspension or even exclusion from AIHE. For more information refer to Academic Integrity Policy and Academic Integrity Procedure of AIHE.


Academic progress and assessment

It is the responsibility of the student to meet academic progress and overall enrolment requirements for their program of study. A student who is not making satisfactory progress may have conditions placed on their enrolment or even may be excluded from AIHE. AIHE provides advice and assistance to students who might have difficulties in completing their course requirements.

Please refer to AIHE’s following latest documents for further information:

The AIHE Student Handbook summarises assessment information for AIHE’s Bachelor of Business courses. More detail about assessment is provided in the Subject Outline for each subject. All assessment at AIHE must comply with AIHE’s Assessment Policy and Assessment Procedure.


Enrolment conditions and restrictions

Students have the responsibility to ensure their compliance with enrolment conditions and restrictions which are included in AIHE’s Academic Progress, Enrolment and Graduation Policy and one of its corresponding Procedures – the Enrolment and Withdrawal Procedure.
Prerequisites, concurrent prerequisites, corequisites, prior assumed knowledge, incompatible and restricted subjects will be specified as enrolment requirements of the subject and published on each Subject Outline document. Refer to each Subject Outline of the course for further information.
Information related to students’ rights regarding enrolment can be found from:


Privacy and personal information

At AIHE, students are assured of their privacy as required by Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1998 of Australia. AIHE will gain written authority from students, staff and other stakeholders before sharing or disseminating any personal or sensitive information that is directly related to the provision of its services. The only exception to this is where there is a requirement by law to provide evidence or where AIHE’s duty of care legally requires the provision of that information.
The Privacy Policy and Privacy Procedure, Records Management Policy and Records Management Procedure outline why AIHE collects and uses students’ personal information and how students can access the information that AIHE holds about them.


Student Portals

All AIHE’s enrolled students have the right to access their study records. When enrolled, students are granted with ID for accessing MyAIHE that is a web-based on-line service that allows students to access, and in some cases, amend their records. Refer to Student Handbook for more information about MyAIHE.

All enrolled students at AIHE have the right to access to Mylearning – an online learning platform of AIHE. In this portal, students will access subject materials, discussion forums, announcements, online assessments and many other features to help students manage their study.


Equity and diversity

AIHE recognises, values and promotes the diversity of its student community as a positive feature of our teaching and learning environment. We are committed to meeting student learning and support needs, so that as far as possible, all students have equal opportunities for academic success.
AIHE’s Equity and Diversity Policy and Equity and Diversity Procedure specify the principles and framework for AIHE to ensure equivalent opportunities for student academic success regardless of students’ backgrounds. The Policy applies to all students and potential students.


Making a complaint

All AIHE students have the right to appeal certain decisions or to express legitimate concerns and complaints to AIHE’s General Manager and Council, as well as to have them considered through fair and transparent processes. The Student Grievances, Complaints and Appeals Policy and Student Grievances, Complaints and Appeals Procedure of AIHE provide further information about AIHE’s appeals processes and how students can raise concerns or to lodge a formal complaint.



All AIHE students and staff have the right to work and study in an environment that is supportive, inclusive, fair and safe. AIHE does not tolerate discrimination, bullying, sexual and other types of harassment, victimisation or other inappropriate, unwelcome or illegal forms of behaviour. For more information or help, refer to AIHE’s:

Or contact AIHE Student Support Officer at AIHE premise at Level 5 – 127 Rundle Mall Street, Adelaide 5000 for more information.


Information technology

To study at AIHE, students need to meet AIHE’s requirement to bring their own device for their study. Details of device requirements and specifications are provided in the student’s Letter of Offer.

Anyone using AIHE’s information and communication facilities, services and materials must ensure that their use complies with all relevant legislation, policies and procedures, including the Schedule A – Acceptable use of AIHE Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Facilities and Services of AIHE’s ICT Policy, and the ICT Procedure.


International students

Student visa holders are bound by additional compliance and visa requirements. Please refer to AIHE’s International Students Policy and International Students Procedure for further information. The Australian Government provides a very useful fact sheet for potential and existing international students that includes information about living and studying in Australia, your consumer rights and responsibilities as an international student and key things you should know before you come to Australia and during your study. You should take some time to read these documents so that you are well informed of your rights and responsibilities as international students.